Fractal folk education: the Ruff On The Beat has arrived!

We are always delighted to introduce new programmes to the Radio X airwaves. This time, our old friends from X, Banter and Fiyuu, have embarked on an exciting project. Ruff On The Beat - from 13 February on Radio X! Listen, and it's good for you. 

From midnight on Tuesday to midnight on Wednesday, Radio X will traditionally play underground beats, just because we don't like it when you sleep soundly. And trust us: it can be made even better - Fiyuu and Banter are pretty sure of it. In fact, a new show is being launched on this music track called Ruff On The Beat (ROTB), which will do nothing less than create the concept of an audiovisual production workshop and introduce you to the secrets of the local breakbeat world!

The main aim of ROTB is to provide a unique burst of adventures for fans and newcomers to the genre. Through our Mixtape and Podcast series, we aim to bring together the rich and diverse world of the genre!

- was how Banter, one of the hosts of the show, summed up the objectives. And we can't really describe what the shows will be about any better than that. We're not going to get too fancy, believe me: it's going to be good. So for your weekly dose of therapy, don't forget to turn on the radio! You know, Tuesday to Wednesday from midnight to 1am. See you there! 


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