X Sztori


A group of young people in 2020, in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, thought big: let's create a radio station that creates a virtual community at a time when face-to-face encounters are out of the question. We wanted to stay connected with our own community while discussing together the issues that matter to us. This is how Radio X was born, and since then it has been the voice of the new generation, playing and talking non-stop, 24 hours a day. 

From Us, To Us!

Radio X is not just a radio station - it is a supportive community that is present and keeps the new generation in the pipeline. We give voice to important social issues, initiatives and events. Our mission is to amplify the voices of value-creating, voiceless communities, and in doing so, connect them to each other.

The diverse voice

Radio X aims to give its listeners a real human voice. We are not looking at traditional radio as a base: we are creating a platform where music and lyrics can be different and better. 

We have a wide range of programming, including university life, the gaming world, psychology and nightlife. Our music selection is particularly varied. During the day, you can explore a wide range of alternative music, with some rock and pop music thrown in for good measure. In the evenings, we focus on underground electronic music. We are particularly keen to give exposure to emerging artists and music initiatives that are not getting exposure elsewhere. 

An alternative radio station

Radio X is experimental and curious. Unlike commercial radio, our voice is not dependent on economic interests, because our whole operation is based on you, the community. So we often experiment with new, often surprising formats and initiatives, and we're always happy to support a good idea. 

Community power

We are most proud of the huge community behind Radio X. The radio is currently run by around 100 volunteers, but over the years more than 300 people have become involved in our work. The radio is actively involved in university life, helping young people find and make their voices heard through events and workshops. 

Radio X is open and independent community radio - anyone can join us. We strive to remain constantly receptive to new ideas and talent, and encourage our generation to express themselves and give voice to the issues, music, events and ideas that are important to them. 

Social responsibility

Radio X is not only a community radio, but also an important tool. Our aim is to help citizens, underground actors and groups that are not given a voice in mainstream media. 

Radio X regularly helps and supports community initiatives. We are present at many events, which we broadcast live or present in the form of interviews. 

Radio X is diverse, free and inclusive. Radio X is the community radio of the new generation!