The Radio X DJs' themed playlists are here!

If we had a thousand forints for every time you sent us a "what's this number?" message, we would have made Twitter X instead of Elon Musk. But since the thousands aren't coming in, we thought we'd help a little. Here are the Spotify lists for Sunseed and BenKane! 

Sunseed has been bringing you an amazing selection of music every Sunday for over 3 years. If you listen to one of her sets, you've actually had therapy. Pleasant beats to end the week with before bedtime - that's how you could describe the concept of the 10pm track. Plus, guess what, Sunseed was so cool that after many of you asked for the music content of her last show, she put it together for you! Subscribe to it on Spotify, we think it's well worth it. In case the player below doesn't load, kattints ide!

BenKane is the senior member of the House Division. He has also been doing shows for us for over 3 years and is a founding member of the evening radio slot. His musical tastes are of the finest and focus on perhaps never heard House tracks. He's also long maintained his own music list, which he updates constantly! So, if you've listened to all the BenKane sets from the archive and you're in withdrawal, click on the Spotify list below! If the player below doesn't load, click here! kattints ide!


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