Bug Presents: the toldyuuso movie has arrived!

We have a surprise for you! A week and a half ago, the duo toldyuuso was the guest of Radio X and Bug Presents, who blew up the studio with a really special live session. The whole project is very exciting in itself, but we wanted to put a double twist on it. So we made a film for you. Love it! 

By my count, you've sent "Bug for President" messages 28 times during the live shows - and you're right. No two Thursday nights are the same: from midnight to 1am on Friday night, we'll be hosting one of the most influential shows in the local Drum and Bass and Underground scene on Radio X. 

On 12 January, the duo toldyuuso visited us. These guys are geniuses, you've heard them play a wide variety of music on our shows before - and most recently Beton.Hofi joined them for a joint piece. Now they've brought their new music live. Bug organised and presented the show, and Sznoka (I'm still getting used to him using the new name Szabó Norbi) and KáDé took 1 camera and filmed the whole thing.

....and from these tiny little pieces, the toldyuuso film was finally born! 

Sznoka - who edited all this material and whose civil name I have not yet learned - by his own admission now certainly doesn't want to hear anything about editing for a while. So watch the video below many times and love it! And if you like it, Sznoka will be happy (not just her, everyone will be happy) and maybe we'll do something similar. We're sure there are many more great shows to come - and we're also very proud of all those who helped make this great show possible! 

So here is the film, bring one more person with you! 


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