David Penn and Mark Knight spin Daniel Dash's new track!

Daniel Dash is the DJ on Radio X who, perhaps it's not an exaggeration to say, has led hundreds of people to rediscover the House genre. Dani is not only an excellent selector, but also a brilliant producer. His latest song has been discovered by some big names, so once again we have reason to be proud!

Daniel Dash can always surprise us. On the one hand, he's arguably one of the most technical DJs on Radio X, but the story doesn't stop there. You often write, for example, that it is because of him and his broadcasts that you started listening to house music and going to house music parties again. 

Dani is not only a skilled selector, but also a brilliant producer! A few days ago he released his latest track "Bless Ya" on HouseU. Dash's previous songs have been able to make a big splash - but the new track has been a hit right after its release. Internationally renowned DJ and producer David Penn, for example, spun the song on his own radio show, and Mark Knight followed suit on Toolroom Radio. 

We have our fingers crossed for the continuation!

Until then, here's what to do: listen to and love Daniel Dash's new song. And for complete bliss, get yourself someone who looks at you as seriously as Dani looks at the monitor in the featured image. 

Daniel Dash - Every Wednesday at 10pm on Radio X!


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